HEPO, Hellenic Foreign Trade Board

Greek Flag

HEPO, Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, is a state agency which assists and supports Greek exporters in their efforts to operate successfully in foreign markets.

HEPO offers a series of free services to foreign commercial buyers visiting Greece including furnishing general business information about Greek export capabilities as well as information about specific firms. Our expert staff will also arrange mettings between Greek exporters and foreign commercial buyers.

Invest in Greece

Invest money in Greece is a nice way for foreign companies to enter in a market which, despite the crisis and the Grexit, is always interesting. Greece is still today one of the main touristic attractions in the whole Europe, thanks to cities like Athen but not only, as also the islands such as Santorini are one of the favourites touristic places.

Suggested websites: here you can read informations about how to invest in Greece, this is the official website of Tourism in Greece.

Forex in Greece

For all of those who want to earn money in Greece, Forex is one of the main industries (not only in Greece though). Forex is a market in which is possibile to earn money buying and selling currencies, i.e. EUR vs USD, EUR vs GBP and so on. One of the best british website to trade in Forex is top10forex.net .

To earn money in Greece by investing money, one of the main websites to have a look is the official one of the Greek Exchange in Athen.